NC Blades, Carver Parts,
Misc. Supplies

 NC Blades, Misc. Carver Parts & Supplies

C129V Blade $55.00  

C129C Blade $42.00  


carver lubricant spray



carver lubricant bottle



Swivel Hose



HCF Handy Carpet Knife.

Great for boxes and everyday use! Comes
w/ spare blades too. Closeout Pricing


EW311B Blade Set for

Oster Shear Model EW311


NC510B Blade Set for

Oster Shear Model NC510


NC250B 5 1/2" Round Blades for
NC250 and RSGS Old Style Cutter

RSWSB 6" Round Blade for
RSWS Cutter $16

RE12 Multi-Sided Round Blade for
PC2 Electric Cutter

SF833 Blade for
PNUC Pneumatic Air Cutter

 RSGSBW 5 1/4" Round Blades for
any cutter $13.75 Clearance

Tweezers (bent/angled)



Easy Oil Can Dispenser
with gooseneck applicator


GO oil

Available in Quarts, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon



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