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Portable Serger

1 1/4" Serging Tape
Available in 100 colors

Cotton Serging Yarn
100% Cotton 126 Colors
Polyester Serging Yarn
100% Polyester 100 Colors

Serging Tape
Available in 84 colors

Oriental Style &
Synthetic Carpet Fringe

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Binding Charts


Commercial Carpet Serger Machines for High-Speed Carpet Serging

N-C carpet sergers are available in a variety of models to accommodate any custom carpet workroom, interior completion center, area rug manufacturer, oriental rug maker, etc. Our carpet serging machines generate the world's most gorgeous wrap-around stitch. N-C carpet serger sewing machines are made in the USA and built based upon our famous 81200 mainframe, the best serger sewing machine we have seen. Designed to operate daily and last a lifetime, the 81200 class sewing serger is able to be set up in a variety of ways. Available with many options, our serger line is customizable to your exact specifications. You may utilize most any carpet serging yarn with our machines; if you'd like any of our serging yarn colors, feel free to view the online color chart. We offer 126 colors that are all 100% USA-made cotton.

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