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N-C Carpet Cotton Fringe Styles are available in 11 beautiful styles. You can apply N-C Carpet Cotton Fringe to oriental rugs, Area rugs, floor runners, etc... Priced to blow away competitive prices, our online color chart are un surpassed. N-C Oriental Fringe is available in 25 yard increments...all fringe bolts are overstocked by 5 yards or more. N-C Synthetic Fringe is available in regular and jumbo knot. Available in a multitude of colors, this fringe is also available in 25 yard bolts. Our goal is to provide the finest Carpet  Fringe styles at affordable pricing. Call toll free to order a free color chart. In addition, matching colored serging yarn is also available. 25 Yard Bolts ea.

World's largest line of carpet binding tapes, serging yarns, carpet fringes, sisal 3-inch and 5-inch-wide tapestry tape, and serging tape.

N-C also boasts the world's largest line of carpet binding tapes, serging yarns, carpet fringes, sisal 3-inch and 5-inch-wide tapestry tape, and serging tape. Our on-line color charts provide over 750 carpet edgings to choose from, all of which are made in the USA. Available in cotton and polyester, carpet binding tapes range in size from 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/4", 3", and 5". Both serging yarn and serging tape are 100% cotton, while carpet fringe is available in both cotton and synthetic.

N-C three-inch sisal tape has been a staple in the industry for over 15 years. In 2009 we added 52 five-inch colors that are available in a gorgeous uniform pattern. This is by far the world's largest and most affordable line of 5” tape. Wide borders have become prevalent in the industry, and due to customer demand we now offer these carpet binding tapes for immediate shipment.

N-C's worldwide customers include carpet mills, carpet stores, flooring installers, manufacturers, interior completion centers, and dozens of sewing industries including turf, netting, nosing, carpet binding, bag closing, tufting, Carpet carving, Carpet sculpting, upholstery seats, auto Carpet , aircraft Carpet , marine, and rv.

The world's largest On-Line selections of Carpet binding tapes

The world's largest On-Line selections of Carpet binding tapes, serging Yarns & Fringes. Quality N-C Carpet Binders, Sergers & custom equipment made in USA. Order on-line for. carpet Carvers, Carpet staples, stapler, 3/8 inch, arrow, bostich, cut carpet, heavy duty, napping, rug, oil, hand, cutting, Carpet workroom, Carpet cutter, carpet, Carpet binding, Carpet tape, Carpet edgings, cotton, polyester, serging, yarn, fringe, sisal, 5 inch, 5inch, tapestry, serge, nylon, rug, supplies, color, charts, tapes, Threads, Parts, Supplies for Carpet Sergers, Carpet Binding Tapes, Serging Yarns, Carpet Fringe, glues, lubricants, oil, Carpet sewing, latex, carver, spray, lube, silicone, carver, softener, canned air, carpet, carving, binding, silicone, quart, gallon, 5 gallon, Heavy Duty Carpet Scissors, Carpet Shears, Staplers, Carpet Carving Blades, blades, carver, parts, supplies

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