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Polyester Binding Tape
is available in 160 colors

Cotton Binding Tape
All New Cotton Line

The largest selection
of 3" Cotton Sisal tapes


The largest selection
of 3" Polyester Sisal tapes

Serging Tape
Available in 84 colors

Oriental Style &
Synthetic Carpet Fringe


The largest selection
of 5" Tapestry tape

Sunbrella® Binding
Tapes Bias cut
Sunbrella® Binding Tapes Straight cut
Cotton Serging Yarn
100% Cotton 126 Colors
Polyester Serging Yarn
100% Polyester 100 Colors

2-Color Serging Yarn
25 Color Combinations


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Carpet edge binding tapes are available in both cotton and polyester in a variety of sizes:

3/4", 7/8", 1-¼", 3", & 5". N-C polyester carpet binding tape is available in both 7/8" and 1-¼" wide carpet binder tape. There are 150 colors to choose from in each size. N-C cotton rug binding tape is available in 3/4" and 1-¼" bind tape. There are 60 colors to choose from in each size. These carpet binding tapes are cut with precision, don't unravel, and are viable designer colors.

Three-inch-wide sisal tape is available in 71 colors and our all new five-inch-wide carpet tape borders are available in 52 colors.

They are both utilized to show more of a border on the carpet surface. Able to be applied with both a machine or by hand, these carpet binder tape styles offer a rich, elegant, custom carpet border. Many makers of sisals, berbers, and high-end rugs have been employing these tapestry tapes to their rugs in order to provide clients with more choices for their residential carpet or commercial carpet applications. The N-C portable or table model tapestry machine can apply these wide borders. In 2009, we added the all-new 5-inch-wide tapestry border tape line to our arsenal of edgings.

NC sells 100% cotton carpet serging yarn in 126 colors and 100% Polyester carpet serging yarn in 100 colors. Applied with a carpet serging machine, this carpet border edging is most often found on oriental rugs, plush carpet runners, sisals, and berbers. Serging is a high-end, elegant rug edging that is surprisingly affordable.

N-C carpet fringe is offered in both cotton oriental varieties and synthetic tassels.

Carpet fringe is typically utilized for the ends of hallway runners, custom rugs, and oriental rugs. Carpet fringe provides an elegant look that can be obtained either with knotted fringe or straight fringe.

Our serge tape is a carpet binding tape that emulates the look of genuine serging yarn.

If you don't have the funds for a new serger, simply apply serge tape with your carpet binder and you can provide wrap-around carpet serging to your client base. N-C carpet serging tape is available in 84 colors.

N-C carpet binding, serging, fringe, and tape edgings are made with quality materials and are in stock daily. Online orders ship within 24 hours and phone orders ship the same day as long as they are received by 3pm EST. You can find N-C carpet edgings choices highlighted on our website as well as trade publications, at the Surfaces tradeshows, and other online websites.

Sunbrella® Double Fold Binding Tapes are now available at NC Carpet in 63 decorator colors.

Both Straight and Bias Cut Double Fold tapes are available in 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4". It is the most widely used in the Marine and Canvas industry. Use binding on upholstery, carpet, canopies, dodgers, window covers, zipper flaps, awnings, enclosures, and biminis. These tapes are finished with edges that will not fray..

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